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Accommodation Division

Accommodation Hotels are an important component to the AHA (NT) membership base, the Territory’s hospitality industry and our broader economy. The AHA (NT) meets frequently with General Managers on issues pertinent to their properties.  

The AHA (NT) represents the interest of our accommodation hotel members both locally and nationally through Tourism Accommodation Australia (TAA), which is a division of the AHA.

An elected NT Board Member from an accommodation hotel sits on the National Accommodation Board of Tourism Accommodation Australia.

TAA and AHA (NT) assist our Accommodation Members with:

  • Advocacy/ Representation and lobbying at a Federal and Territory Level

  • Education/ working with industry and education providers to build a skilled workforce

  • Regulatory and industrial relations advice an information - distribution of up-to-date information on legal affairs, including seminars, briefings and online services regarding all matters affecting the hospitality industry

  • Recognition- recognise and promote the achievements of our member properties and industry employees through an anuual industry awards night 

  • Advocate for fair regulations that accommodation hotels have to comply with

TAA represents the industry on a board range of boards and committees on a national level, including:

  • Service Skills Australia

  • Government’s Long Term Tourism Strategy: Tourism Access Working Party

  • Tourism Visa Advisory Group

  • Business Events Strategy Implementation Group

  • Tourism Planning Code

  • Business Events Venue Pilot steering committee

  • ACCC Small Business Advisory Group

  • National Measurements Advisory Group

  • National Tourism Alliance 

If you would like more information on AHA (NT) membership please contact the AHA (NT) office on (08) 8981 3650.

For more information about TAA please visit: www.tourismaccommodation.com.au