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Community Liaison Officer

The Code of Practice does suggest that licensees and managers will need to demonstrate implementation of the practices in the Code, and each venue's Community Liaison Officers will play a key role in this.  Hospitality NT will promote regular seminars and webinars for CLO, with a focus on the key areas for their role including:

• Basic Checklists and Desk Top Audits 
• Community Agency Liaison and Networking for support and assistance
• Signage, Information availability, advertising and policy compliance
• Physical Environment, Minors and Financial Transaction compliance.
• Red Flag Behaviour - identification and response
• Intervention and Support for Self-Exclusion

Seminar schedules will be published below.  Presentations and Resources will be available on this website and emailed to all participants.

Training Schedule (as at 8 April 2017)

  • Using Compliance Checklists:  June - July 2016
  • Community Networks & Agency Liaison:  August - September- October 2016
  • Signage, Information Availability, Advertising & Policy:  November 2016
  • Physical Environment, Financial Transactions and Minors: February - March 2017
  • Systems for Self-Ezxclusion and Licensee (Venue) Exclusion: April - May 2017
  • Systems for Red Flag Behaviour Indentification and Response: May - June 2017

For more information, please contact Chris Capper on (08) 8981 3650 or training@hospitalitynt.com.au