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AHA (NT) Structure

The AHA (NT) progress is managed by a Board which consists of 17 representatives from across the Territory, from which an Executive Committee of 5 is elected. All elections are conducted by the Australian Electoral Commission. Constitutionally, the Board is required to meet a minimum of once a year and the Executive at least once every quarter.

Board Members

President Mick Burns Darwin Division - Accommodation
Senior Vice President Jason Hanna Darwin Division - Hotels
Vice President Frank Dalton Regional Towns Division - Clubs
Treasurer Paul Palmer General Board Member
Secretary John Tourish Regional Towns Division - Accommodation







Other Members 

Darwin Division

Hotels Representative                             Justin Coleman

Hotels Representative                             Doug Sallis

Clubs Representative                              Russell Reid

Accommodation Division                         Vacant

Alice Springs & Ayers Rock Division

Hotel Representative                              Raymond Loechel

Club Representative                               Kyle Pearson

Accommodation Representative               Craig Jervis


Regional Towns Division

Hotel Representative                              Jon Jenkins


Wayside Inn Division

Amy McArdle 

Greg Targett


General Board Members 

Penny Phillips

Leah Sloan


Representative to the National Accommodation Division

Craig Jervis


Disclosure of officer's material personal interests

Each officer of the AHA (NT Branch) shall disclose to the AHA (NT Branch) any material personal interest. Please contact the office on 08 8981 3650 if you would like further details on current Board members disclosure of material personal interests.