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Training Resources

NT Responsible Gambling Code 2016 Revision Manual Workbook

The NT RG Code 2016 Revision Manual Workbook V2.pdf is for use in the Northern Territory by gambling staff with existing interstate Responsible Service of Gambling certification and as an update or “Refresher Training” for staff involved in gambling who are not Community Liaison Officers.

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Training Plan:

AHA (NT) Responsible Gambling Training Plan: Building Confidence and Competence


Training Schedule (as at 8 April 2017)

Using Compliance Checklists:  June - July 2016

Community Networks & Agency Liaison:  August - September- October 2016

Signage, Information Availability, Advertising & Policy:  November 2016

Physical Environment, Financial Transactions and Minors: February - March 2017

CLO Requirements Overview and Venue Based Systems for Red Flag Behaviour Identification and Response: May - June 2017


Training Resources:


1. Using Compliance Checklists

Checklists & Training Plan Session Presentation

Gaming Machine Compliance Master Checklist


2. Community Networks & Agency Liaison

Support Services and Community Networks - intro discussion paper v3.pdf(including current services listing)

In Face to Face training sessions, staff from local support services attended where possible.


3. Signage, Information Availability, Advertising & Policy

Signage, Information Availability, Advertising & Policy - Session Presentation

Advertising Code of Ethics

Television Advertising Code of Practice

Gambling related parts of the TV Code of Practice


4. Physical Environment, Financial Transactions & Minors

 General Issues Update 2017, Physical Environment, Financial Transactions, Drunks and Minors - General update, Phys Environment, Minors, Financial Transactions presentation v2.pdf


5. Overview: CLO Requirements AND Red Flag Behaviour - Venue Based Systems, Identification, Interventions, Exclusions and Referrals 


CLO Overview; AND systems for red flag ID, interventions & exclusion June 2017.pptx

These resources provide an overview of CLO Requirements and potential support documents and templates for use by CLOs and staff in venues.

7 Overview CLO Key Issues & Systems for Patron Well Being & Support.pdf

7.1 CLO Promotion Poster.pdf

7.2 Support Services and Community Networks - intro discussion paper v3.pdf

7.3 PG Behaviours Del Fabbro research.pdf

7.4 NT Gambling Patron Internal Reporting Form May 2017 v2.docx

7.5 Fortnightly Management Review.doc

7.6 Gambling Help Service Consent Form.doc

7.7 Gaming Barring Order Internal Working Report.docx

The following can be used and adapted for the NT Gambling Care Multi Venue Self Exclusion (MVSE) - see NT Gambling Care

Suggested Self-Exclusion Checklist.pdf