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Industry Supplier Support

We are continuing to work closely with industry suppliers to encourage all possible relief measures to be made available to members on a timely basis. To assist members, we have prepared a document which summarises our understanding of the support and commitments made by industry suppliers to date. This will be updated as more information becomes available.  

Please contact the office on 8981 3650 or email admin@hospitalitynt.com.au for a copy.


As you make preparations to re-open your gaming areas, Ainsworth wishes to advise you on
some information in regard to the cleaning of your gaming machines. Please find this information here Ainsworth Update - Cleaning of Gaming Machines.pdf.


Aristocrat Technologies would like to offer advice to Hospitality NT members on recommended cleaning techniques for Aristocrat gaming cabinets. Please find this information HERE.


CTA’s free online training course will ensure your team are informed and trained in all areas of Covid-19.
The course includes all the information both employees and employers need to know about Covid-19 and how to keep the business, its team, suppliers and customers safe.
• COVID-19 Training Course
• COVID-19 Operational Checklists
• Posters and signs

Access the course by going to www.clubtraining.com.au/product/covid-19. 



Tips for sanitising gaming machines

With some light at the end of the tunnel regarding the re-opening of your gaming rooms, IGT have put together some best practice tips regarding cleaning your gaming machines (EGMs) to protect the health of your patrons, personnel and the machines themselves.  Please find attached HERE


Carlton & United Breweries is committed to working with you at this critical time for your business.
Where your draught beer reticulation system has been shut down for an extended period, it is important to ensure the system is safely bought back into commission and all quality requirements are satisfied to ensure a perfect product for your consumers. 

In preparation for recommissioning, please follow the below as a general guide:

General Guidelines for Restarting a Glycol System or Tank Beer System 


Maintaining your Gaming Operations under the current enforced closure

Aristocrat Technologies would like to offer advice to our valued customers on maintaining their Gaming Operations following the Government mandate to close all licenced clubs, hotels and casinos.
Our intention is to ensure that your current products can power up and be operational as soon as the Government permits venues to reopen.

Gaming products (EGMs, MTGMs & CRT’s) have a backup memory to ensure the machine retains specific legislative & meter information to comply with regionally specific regulatory requirements. All EGMs & MTGM’s powered down for an extended period will be reliant on the rechargeable battery used for the machine’s back-up memory.   
Please note that EGMs should be powered on/off individually via their main power switch. Multiple EGMs should not be simultaneously powered on/off via the switchboard circuit breaker, as this can cause temporary loading issues to the EGM supply circuits.

Due to the nature of capacitors and NiMH type batteries used in an EGM’s major components, Aristocrat recommends powering on all EGMs for a minimum of 4 hours every three days to allow batteries and capacitors to maintain charge. 
This should reduce the instances of memory backup corruption and component failure, which may lead to unexpected EGM down time when venues reopen. The backup batteries in older products may no longer function at optimum capacity or hold enough charge and replacement parts may be limited. 

Third party, System or regulatory/monitoring devices e.g Link controllers, Graphic Servers, Monitoring Server & Equipment Racks, SMIBs and Venue specific PMM hardware should continue to be left powered on where possible.
If you are an Aristocrat VMS Systems customer can we ask that you, please keep your servers powered on and operational.  This will ensure the integrity of the hardware is maintained.
In these unprecedented times, Aristocrat will offer any assistance to our customers that is available and within our control.
Thank you for your continued support and please stay safe.
Aristocrat Technologies Australia.