NT Government Support


NT Government - https://nt.gov.au/industry/support-for-business/programs-and-initiatives

The immediate survival payment amounts include:

  • $2,000 for sole traders
  • $5,000 for businesses with 2 to 4 employees (FTEs)
  • $20,000 for businesses with 5 to 19 employees (FTEs)
  • $50,000 for businesses with more than 20 employees (FTEs).

For more information and to apply go to: https://businessrecovery.nt.gov.au/businesses/small-business-survival-fund

The rapid adaptation payment provides:

  • up to $5,000 for other eligible businesses to offset costs incurred in adapting their current business model to suit restrictions.

This payment is application-based and paid direct to the business. It will be paid on the provision of an appropriate invoice. Expenditure must occur after the announcement and applications close on 1 May 2020. Applications are open now. This grant is to help businesses make the necessary changes they need to help adapt to the new operating environment e.g. online ordering system. 

Apply online for these: https://businessnt.smartygrants.com.au/survivalfund

For help call or email: 1800 193 111 during business hours or email survivalfund@nt.gov.au and quote your submission number.


All eligible Territory businesses will be able to access a $10,000 grant. For work valued at more than $10,000, the co-contribution by the NT Govt is limited to $10,000 on a dollar-for-dollat basis up to a maximum grant of $20,000.


Grants of up to $100,000 will be given to Territory not-for-profits and community organisations to engage local tradespeople and contractors to do repairs, renovations and upgrades to their property and facilities. These are for permanent physical improvements to land and/or buildings. The first $50,000 will be paid as a grant without co-contribution required. The NT Govt will also match any renovation cost that exceeds $50,000 on a dollar-for-dollar basis up to a maximum of $100,000 total.


Territory hospitality workers impacted by COVID19 can access the Territory Jobs Hub to connect with local business and find new employment. The Territory Jobs Hub is an online portal that will help Territory workers find a new job quickly. The portal also helps businesses that need people to connect with those looking for work, this includes casual and contract work.Through the portal, businesses can send a message to job seekers and gain access to their profile and resume. The Terrritory Jobs Hub is free and available to all job seekers and employers in the Territory. Register your details at https://cited.com.au/territory-jobs-hub


The Worker and Wellbeing Fund can help you if you have lost your job or your income has been reduced because of COVID19 and you are not already receiving financial and/or wellbeing support, including Centrelink benefits. For more information go to https://dcm.nt.gov.au/worker-wellbeing



The NT Government is providing additional support as part of the Jobs Rescue and Recovery Plan. The Business Hardship package is designed to help reduce costs for local businesses and keep them open and operating now, as well as in the rebound and recovery phase once the COVID -19 crisis is over and restrictions start to lift. Territory business can now apply to be listed on a central Business Hardship Register which will then enable business to apply for:

  • Waiving or deferring payment of payroll tax;
  • Reduction on utilities bills where offered
  • Rate reductions where offered
  • Providing incentives for commercial landlords to reduce rents
  • Other relief which may be offered from time to time

This support will assist venues who have proven hardship from the coronavirus pandemic from 1 April 2020 and will be available until 30 September 2020. All venues who have been approved for the Small Business Survival Fund will also be eligible to be included on this Register. For further information and to apply visit www.businessrecovery.nt.gov.au