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Upskilling & Development Fund

Hospitality NT has actively been involved in workforce development initiatives all throughout the NT for many years now.  

This has involved working with schools and their students, undertaking promotional activities, attending expos and encouraging Territorians to consider a career in our industry, working with local registered training organisations, supporting trainees, and connecting them with employers and jobs.

The Local Hospitality Upskilling & Development Fund is a pilot project that aims to fill a gap in funding currently available for existing hospitality staff and provide opportunities for our valued frontline employees to further develop their skills and careers. 

The Local Hospitality Upskilling & Development Fund will be available to existing frontline staff for potential assistance for non-accredited training and workshops, interstate trade and industry forums and competitions, attendance at expos or conferences and any other relevant upskilling or development activity. 

Application Process:

  • Fund only open to existing hospitality frontline workers, who have worked in the NT's hospitality industry for more than 6 months
  • Applications to address: 
    • What is the upskilling and development opportunity?
    • How the activity will assist in your development and upskilling?
    • Why this activity falls outside any other funding or grants program?
    • How attendance or undertaking of the upskilling or development opportunity will assist the broader industry?
  • Applications will provide details of what they are seeking funding for e.g. course fees, conference or expo attendance fees, flights, accommodation, competition fees
  • Events and conferences focused on food, customer service and business will be supported, any gambling related conference or events will not be supported by this Fund;
  • Hospitality NT will assess each application on its merits, its benefits for the employee, their employer and the broader industry
  • Frontline staff are the priority for this fund and their applications will be assessed that way 
  • Applicants can seek up to $3,000 in support per person per year
  • Hospitality will directly cover the costs provided by the applicant in their application – the funds won’t be provided directly to applicants. Hospitality NT will book and pay for course fees, flights, accommodation up to $3,000
  • Hospitality NT may approve partial funding in applications – at our discretion, based on the application and what we perceive to be the broader industry benefit
  • Applications can be made throughout the year, however the fund is capped. 

Applications: To be sent to admin@hospitalitynt.com.au with the subject title: Upskill & Development Fund Applications. 

Hospitality NT hopes that the Upskilling and Development Fund helps to create a culture of profressional development, upskilling and training in order to lift industry standards across the NT's hospitality industry. 


Any successful applicant must acknowledgement support they have received from Hospitality NT in any media or social media posts and share photos with Hospitality NT to promote in our communications.